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More Than Just Audio Video

Since its inception back in 1977 Take 5 Audio has been Connecticut's premier destination for the finest audio video products and advice available anywhere.

Now as part of a family of businesses focused on an elevated customer experience that includes the very best in dining, events, home décor and design. Take 5 is proud to introduce Take 5 Home a technology integration team with a unique approach. As modern home technology professionals we are the source of advice on home entertainment, lighting, shades, networking, and now because it has become essential interior design. Knowing what products will maintain the visual integrity of a space, being cognizant of where art will be displayed and understanding how color and finishes can be used are just a few of the ways our projects are not about the gadgets or black boxes it’s always about how we experience our homes.


Our Brands

Amid technology’s rapid progression, keeping up with what’s new and great can seem like a full-time job. That’s why Take 5 Audio has picked the best vendor partners that not only make great products, but also work closely with us to ensure we have the latest knowledge and information to use when designing your smart home or audio/video system. These relationships extend beyond just supplying us with products, they’re trusted partners that allow us to provide you with the best service and support. We don’t carry every brand, but we do know that the brands we carry will work together properly and provide you with the best technology and a great customer experience.
McIntosh Laboratory
Moon Audio
Sonus Faber

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